SAWtrain Network Meeting 2a

14 Sep 2016 Paul-Drude-Institut, Berlin, DE


Molecular beam epitaxy – Prof. Dr. Henning Riechert, PDI

Acoustically-driven Lab on a Chip devices – Prof. Dr. Achim Wixforth, University of Augsburg

Biomolecular catalysed semiconductor self-assembly research and science communication strategies of the Open Research Lab – Andrea Greiner, Deutsches Museum

Instrumentation for Time-resolved Fluorescence Measurements – Dr. Matthias Patting, Picoquant GmbH

Plasmon generation and control in graphene using surface acoustic waves – Dr. Jorge Pedros, Technical University of Madrid

ESR site visit: Vectron International TLT 

ESR site visit: Bessy II synchrotron 

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