Using a network analyzer and a probe station to measure a SAW device in real time, ESR Rajveer Fandan (in blue shirt) and PI Jorge Pedrós (first on left in large picture) explained to the public visiting the labs at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid during the European Researcher’s Night the basics of a SAW-based RF filter, a simple device present nowadays in many different technologies, for example, mobile phones

Frascati Scienza ( organised a meeting with Cristina Paducea, Project Officer (PO) from the European Commission – Research Executive Agency, for MSCA fellows living in Italy, as part of the European Researchers’ Night 2018. The meeting was attended by several early stage researchers (ESR) and an experienced researcher (ER) where experiences were shared in applying for the fellow position, writing proposals for individual fellowships, and overcoming the bureaucracy and mobilities during our fellowship. An agreement was made to arrange more events for the MCAA Italy chapter to strengthen connection and collaborations, especially in science communication and dissemination.


Using microscopes Dominik Bühler demonstrated integrated photonic circuits next to common day objects like coins and plant leaves to explain to the younger audience the dimensions of modern day technologies. For the older audience he provided further information concerning his research, as well as common objectives of the SAWtrain network and the benefits of promoting science through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.