Waveguide acousto-optical modulators for integrated photonics

Research Topic

Optical waveguides on semiconducting chips are essential elements for integrated photonic components. This project investigates the use of surface acoustic waves (SAW) to control light propagation in these structures.


The project’s aim is to develop an arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) device that allows the modulation of a multi-chromatic entrance signal. This wavelength division (de)multiplexing (WDM) enables the rerouting of signals with a well-defined spectral separation of 2 nm with respect to a centre wavelength of 1.55 µm and using 5×5 Multimode Interference (MMI) devices. This rerouting process will be dynamically triggered by applied SAWs.


Dominik Bühler

Host: University of Valencia – Institute for Material Sciences (ICMUV)

Scientific Background

I am a physicist who graduated from the University of Augsburg. My main fields of research revolve around solid state physics, material sciences and more specifically nanostructures. As a concrete example, I investigated the optical properties of (Al)GaAs nanowires using SAWs to modulate their electronic band structure for my Master thesis.

Conference/Workshop Contributions
    • Advanced acoustically tuned optical modulators for integrated photonics
      D. Bühler, A. Crespo-Poveda, A. Cantarero, Jr. de Lima
      SAWtrain Summer School: Physics and applications of GHz vibrations in semiconductors (Cargèse, France, Jul. 11-21, 2017) | Internal