Dr. Hana Bunzen and Emeline Nysten (left) will shortly be able to exchange views over six days with 39 Nobel laureates. The two junior researchers from the Institute of Physics at the University of Augsburg have been given the honor of participating in the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting together with 580 other young scientists from 89 countries. This year’s meeting, from June 30th to July 5th, is wholly dedicated to physics.

Press Release – english version / german version
Newspaper Article – Augsburger Allgemeine (German)

2018, NovemberBerlin Science Week, Germany

SAWtrain ESRs Rajveer Fandan and Yi-Ting Liou, together with Principal Investigator Alberto Minguez got the chance to participate in the project “Mind the Lab“ during the Berlin Science Week, explaining SAW basics to the passengers in the subway.

2018, NovemberXVIII Semana de la Ciencia y la Innovacion, Spain

SAWtrain PI Jorge Pedrós (second on the right) conducted a guided tour for the public visiting the facilities (cleanroom and characterization labs) of the Institute for Optoelectronic Systems and Microtechnology at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid during the ‘XVIII Semana de la Ciencia y la Innovación’ (XVIII Week of Science and Innovation) held on 5-18 November 2018 in Madrid.

The Science Week in Madrid is an event of popularization of science and citizen participation organized by madri+d Foundation that offers the public the opportunity to learn about the work of scientists, their research, motivations and efforts. It allows society to know the latest advances in science.

More information can be found at http://www.madrimasd.org/semanacienciaeinnovacion/?lan=en


2018, SeptemberEurophysics News (Vol. 49 No. 4)

The magazine Europhysics News (Vol. 49 No. 4), edited by the European Physical Society, has published a highlight entitled “Nanoscale light trapping in graphene/h-BN by sound waves” focussing on the recent paper “Acoustically-driven surface and hyperbolic plasmon-phonon polaritons in graphene/h-BN heterostructures on piezoelectric substrates”, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 51, 204004 (2018), by the SAWtrain researchers at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Rajveer Fandan, Jorge Pedrós, Alberto Boscá, Javier Martínez and Fernando Calle in collaboration with Jürgen Schiefele at ICMM-CSIC.


2017, December 11“Nanu, Nano? meets the University of Augsburg and SAWtrain”

Instructed by SAWtrain PI Christoph Westerhausen on four afternoons, 30 curious and excited high school students from various schools in the Augsburg area discovered the physics of lab-on-a-chip applications employing surface acoustic waves and the physics of nanometer sized model systems for cell membranes. Thank you, Manuel and Andrej, for sharing your enthusiasm with the next generation physicists!


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