Deterministic coupling of quantum dot mechano-excitons
to high- quality SAW resonators (WP2-2)

For applicants: This position is no longer available

Host: Universität Augsburg (UAU)
Supervisor: Hubert J. Krenner, Co-supervisor: Mauricio de Lima (UVEG)


Excitons in semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are highly sensitive probes for dynamic acoustic fields. In this project, the hired ESR will study the enhancement of the underlying fundamental optomechanical interactions between such mechano-excitons and a SAW in high-quality (Q) resonators. For this purpose he/she will hybridise QDs layers with high-Q SAW resonators on strong piezoelectric substrates: He/she will use an established epitaxial lift-off (ELO) technique to transfer epitaxially grown QD layers on top of optimized SAW resonators. The ESR will design these resonators with fellow ESRs at UVEG. Using these hybrid devices, the ESR will explore enhancement or suppression of (i) acoustically regulated carrier injection, (ii) spectral tuning and (iii) acoustic sideband generation and compare the obtained results to other acoustic techniques such as picosecond acoustics.

Expected Results

The ESR will fabricate novel hybrid SAW devices and conduct a range of advanced optical experiments on these structures: He/she will receive beyond-state-of-the-art training in nanoscale device fabrication to transfer epitaxial semiconductor layers onto specially designed SAW resonators. Numerical simulations of these novel resonant acousto-mechanical devices form an integral part of the work.

The optimisation of the acoustic performance will be pursued jointly with ESRs at UVEG in co-supervisor Mauricio Lima’s group. These team efforts will be promoted by mutual secondments of the ESRs. Moreover, the ESR will learn to apply advanced optical spectroscopy techniques with ultra-high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution to directly monitor optomechanical couplings in the time domain. These activities will be complemented by secondments at non-academic partners TREL and NTD to apply advanced quantum-optical and nanofabrication techniques.


Candidate profile

For this position, it is desirable to have a solid background condensed-matter physics and optics, ideally with a focus on semiconductor devices and nanophysics. Moreover, hands-on experience in state-of-the-art cleanroom fabrication is highly advantageous.

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