Theory of electron transport and
electron-to-photon qubit conversion (WP3-4)

Host: Cambridge University, Cambridge (UCAM)
Supervisor: C.H.W. Barnes, Co-supervisor: A. Harju (AALTO)


Hugo Lepage


ESR13-UCAM2 under Prof. Barnes will make accurate simulations of an electron recombining with a hole to produce a photon in UCAM‘s device structures, investigating the requirements for preserving qubit coherence rather than just measuring the spin. Associate partner AALTO will work on the modelling of the electron and spin transport by SAW-driven QDs, using accurate many-body techniques to propagate the few-particle wave functions, in conjunction with ESR13-UCAM2. The simulations can be a tool to understand experiments, but can also simulate and screen suggestions for the experimental work. The ESR will learn about conversion between photons and spins in GaAs from experimentalists who have measured it at PDI and will discuss results with ESR12-UCAM1 (WP3-2), ESR11-CNRS (WP3-3) and ESR2-PDI2 (WP3-1).

Expected Results

ESR13-UCAM2 will learn techniques for modelling of SAW-driven electrons and electron-hole recombination, and analytical calculations of an entangled electron, hole and photon. ESR13-UCAM2 will be seconded to associate partner AALTO each year, to combine expertise of the two theoretical groups, and to join forces to speed up computation using clusters of graphics processing units (GPUs). The ESR will also visit PDI to gain an understanding of the principles of photon-to-spin and spin-to-photon conversion from experimentalists.