WP3-5 – SAW-modulated graphene
for plasmonics and electronics (not vacant)

Host: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
Supervisor: J. Pedrós, Co-supervisor: P. V. Santos (PDI)


Development of novel plasmonic and electronic devices in graphene using the charge-density modulation induced by a SAW, such as plasmon launchers and electron pumps. Firstly, the SAW strain field will be used as a dynamic grating to couple light to propagating plasmons in graphene. Plasmons will be assessed first optically, and then electrically, using the modulation of the response of nanoelectronic devices.

Secondly, the SAW piezoelectric field will be used to induce a current in graphene. Tailoring adequate bilayer-graphene nanostructures may lead to single-electron (or -hole) SAW pumps. TWENTE will provide complementary fabrication facilities, PDI, UCAM, and Protemics advanced characterization techniques, CSIC and UCM theoretical calculations.

Expected Results

Study and control of charge-density modulation induced by ultrahigh-frequency SAWs in graphene and development of SAW-driven devices. ESR training comprises (i) chemical vapour deposition of graphene and transfer techniques, (ii) material characterization (Raman, Dirac point, magnetotransport), (iii) fabrication of nanoscale devices by e-beam and nanoimprint (secondment at TWENTE) lithography, (iv) advanced spectroscopy for the assessment of the SAW-induced modulation (Raman microscopy and interferometry, secondment at PDI), (v) plasmon generation and detection (including THz, secondment at Protemics), and (vi) low-noise electrical measurements at low temperatures (including 300 mK, secondment at UCAM).


Candidate profile

MSc or diploma in physics or electrical engineering. A background in experimental solid-state physics, and more specifically in graphene, plasmonics, acoustics, and/or spectroscopy will be considered a plus.

For further details about the project, please contact hiring@saw-train.eu.