High-Q one- and two-dimensional phononic cavities

André Bilobran

Host: University of Valencia – Material Sciences Institute

Scientific Background

I received a Bachelor and a Master degree in Physics after attending the Federal University of Parana (Curitiba, Brazil), in 2013 and 2015, respectively. For my Master I did a theoretical work on Foundation of Quantum Mechanics. In my thesis, entitled “A measure of physical reality”, we made use of tools of Quantum Information Theory to propose an empirical protocol by which one can identify the elements of reality within Quantum Mechanics. Before that, during my graduation, I worked in a project concerning friction of circular bodies.

Current Research Topic

I am currently investigating phononic resonators. They are basically made of metal stripes on top of a piezoelectric substrate (gold on lithium niobate, in the case). My job consists in designing and fabricating devices that would aloud us to have control of the acoustic field that propagates through the apparatus in the form of surface acoustic waves.


The goal is to extend some previous work done for one-dimensional coupled cavities to two-dimensional ones, as well as to have dynamical control of the generated acoustic field. This would aloud various different applications. As an example, the acoustic field could be used as a waveguide modulator in an integrated photonic device (another SAWtrain project also in progress).