Monolithic and hybrid quantum photonic devices

Bruno Villa

Host: Toshiba Research Europe Limited

Scientific Background

During my studies at the University of Stuttgart I had the opportunity to work in research on nanotechnology and photonics. Specifically, I worked as a research assistant in a solar cell research centre and later completed a one year Master’s project in the group of Jörg Wrachtrup. The latter consisted of the integration of rare-earth ions doped in inorganic crystals with optical microcavities.

Current Research Topic

At the moment I am working on the modulation of a semiconductor quantum dot (QD) embedded in an optical microcavity by means of surface acoustic waves (SAWs). The SAW periodically tunes the emission from the QD excitons, providing a mechanism to dynamically control the Purcell effect at GHz frequencies.


The goal of this project is to take advantage of SAWs as an on-chip control mechanism for various properties of nanostructures. This has the potential to enable the development of novel integrated photonic devices.