Towards strong sound-matter interaction in hybrid quantum dot-surface acoustic waves resonators

Emeline Nysten

Host: Universität Augsburg – Institut für Physik

Scientific Background

I am an engineer in materials science and chemistry with a double diploma from the Augsburg Universität (Germany) and the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). My main focus are solid state physics and materials science, more specifically the fabrication and characterisation of nanostructures. In my master thesis, I worked with hybrid multiferroic nanocomposites composed of ferroelectric polymer and ferromagnetic nanotubes.

Current Research Topic

I am investigating the interaction between quantum dots and surface acoustic waves. To do so, I hybridise QDs layers with High-Q SAW cavities fabricated on strong piezoelectric substrates using epitaxial lift-off.


My project aims to demonstrate strong opto-mechanical coupling between QD excitons and localized pho-non fields.