GHz acoustic modulated single-photon sources in microcavities

Paul Helgers

Host: Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik Berlin

Scientific Background

During my studies in Applied Physics (TU Eindhoven), I got mainly fascinated by quantum physics and I chose to specialize on solid state physics. Throughout my study I was introduced in various solid state research, mainly involving semiconductor physics and spintronics. For my master thesis I investigated the all-optical excitation of spin currents in ferromagnetic heterostructures.

Current Research Topic

I am working on SAW modulated semiconductor single-photon sources. Along with improving towards single photon emission, transport of electron spin in GaAs nanowires is studied. Eventually I will combine them into single-photon sources with well-defined photon properties.


My project aims to advance general understanding of electron spin transport and aims to make progress in quantum information technology.